Changing thoughts

Changing thoughts about money

Changing my thoughts about money
I have only learned and heard:
How many feelings you create about money

Never a kind word
Never a loving word
Never a positive word
Never never never

Work hard to get money
Work long hours to get money
Save for the future
Money doesn’t grow on trees
Don’t spend all your money
What does it cost
It’s to expensive

How can you find love for money
To change your mind
To be aware what you think
Do I want to keep this thought
I’m not rich I’m poor
So it’s starts with the mind

Say different words
Think different words
Sing different words

Maybe, maybe, no just believe
Belief your thoughts believe your words
Trust, repeat, hear, feel, it in your hart

The kind words about money
The loving words about money
The positive words about money

by Margje vd Lei

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