Movement is motion

Movement is change
Movement is different
Movement is creative
Movement is working for you
you feel teriffic

you can expend
you can not stop
you can create
you can do it
you feel teriffic

you want to do more
you want to give more
you want to share
you want to do it
you feel teriffic

everything around you is different
everything around you has your attention
everything around you has an important message for you
everything around you is beautiful
you feel teriffic

you see oppertunities
you see options
you see your destiny
you see your future
you feel teriffic

you hear happy voices
you hear compliments
you hear gratefullness
you hear laughter in your life

you feel it in the energy
you feel excited
you feel the love
you feel creation

Movement gives you the flow
Movement gives you the purpose
Movement gives you energy
Movement gives you your love for you

enjoy let it come and let it be you

by Margje van der Lei

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