Hello my Worry Tree

Worry Worry Tree please help me.

Worry tree A tree beautiful standing, pride, sophisticated, to show the world
The tree saying: I’ll understand, give me your worries
Let your worries hanging in the tree
The branches accept your worries

The beautiful standing tree
For everybody to see
Hiding your worries between the leaves,
You’re worries he does believes

The tree is taking over
So you don’t have to carry them
After autumn the tree is letting go
He has taken good care of them

But they are no worries for you anymore
The tree is letting them go
The beautiful tree
For everybody to see

Got rid of your burden of worries
The tree is feeling free
Thank you  tree for carrying my worries
And letting go of my burden

So I can feel free
The beautiful tree
For everyone to see
In the spring the new leaves are coming

Giving others a chance
To give their worries
Who will the tree keep a secret
Hiding between the new leaves

So that no other can see
To the beautiful tree
For everyone to see
Pas on your worries

And get to feel free
Worry Worry Tree

Thank you  so much
I am feeling free


by Margje van der Lei

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